Talent Selection

Broaden Your Horizons!

  • We help you find the ideal talent anywhere in the world.
  • We develop custom strategies adapting to your needs.
  • We carry out a personalized pre-selection process to make it easier for you to choose the ideal candidate.
  • We emphasize optimizing time throughout the selection process, speeding up each phase from the first candidates review until final presentation.
  • We work based on a success model, which means that you will not have to make any payment until a successful contract has been made.
  • We provide a 3-month guarantee, as proof of our commitment to the process success.

Get started with your #globalsearch

Why look for talent beyond your borders?

In an extremely competitive market, organizations are often faced with the reality of not being able to attract the right candidate and are forced to choose available candidates in the local job market.

Exploring opportunities beyond national borders opens up a diverse pool of qualified talent that can make a significant difference in your company success.

Hiring foreign professionals will enrich the organizational culture and foster innovation.


How can we help you?

We are your strategic ally in this challenge, providing you with a fully personalized human resources consulting solution.
With more than 2 decades of experience, our professional team stands out for going beyond borders in talent search for your company, making sure we present you with the best candidates.

We are at your service!

How do we do it?

Profile definition.


We meet with you to understand your corporate culture, position details and hiring modality.

We look for talents.


We look for talents from around the world using different technologies. We call en massively, making the most of Social Relations. We generate job advertisements and carry out Head Hunting process, recruiting highly qualified candidates. Our team is in charge of receiving and validating the availability and documentation of each candidate.



We carry out individual selection interviews with the most qualified candidates according to the skills you specified and we present you personalized reports for each profile.

Presentation of candidates.


We present you the shortlisted candidates with all the incorporation requirements already validated so that you can make the best decision.

Pre hiring.


Once you have chosen the ideal candidate for your company, a psychotechnical exam will be carried out by the consultant, as an integral part of the evaluation process.



Our commitment is to accompany you in the hiring process so that everything goes perfectly, guaranteeing a successful hiring.



We will be aware that everything goes well. Then, two months after the incorporation we will make sure that the match has been perfect.

Why choosing us?


We are a boutique consultancy. Each company is unique, so we design personalized strategies in all our processes.


We push the boundaries of your search, reaching anywhere in the world.


Proactive, multidisciplinary and multicultural team.


We feel part of your company from the first moment.


We put the latest technologies and AI at the service of recruiting.


Excellence at competitive prices.

Candidates on database


years of experience


collaborating companies

What do our clients say?

“I have worked with the Texia team as external providers of search processes. They are reliable and proactive professionals; they have extensive experience in massive professional recruitment processes and understand with great empathy the role of the HR sector in the company. I recommend them”.

Adrián Vega

Talent Acquisition Mapfre

“I choose Texia International´s work because they always have a solution to propose. Personal searches are carried out quickly, with great commitment, looking for the best talent, always with neat and careful processes”.

María Morales

Talent Acquisition Swift

“I recommend working with Texia team in global searches. We have selected profiles that are difficult to cover from other countries and the entire support process has been flawless. The recruited collaborators stand up warmth treatment received and help provided throughout the process”.

Alfredo Lesquerre

HR Manager Mapa Virulana

Some of globalized companies

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